Electronic Tarot with Virtual Madame Carmen

This is an old Tarot card script I wrote ages ago for a Sunset Beach website (don't ask). It's quite good so I've resurrected it (at least twice), along with the special SB Tarot card set (written by The Coughlans) which nobody will understand anymore.

Think of a question to ask the Tarot. Concentrate hard, until you believe it to have entered the (virtual) cards, and then click on the button below. The program uses the time you click on the button to determine the shuffling of the deck.

Oh, and just in case: I'm not responsible for anything this tells you, so if you are planning on taking it too seriously, do me a favour and head off to some other corner of the Web.

You can also download the source code in order to resurrect it yourself next time this website is abolished.

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Traditional card names and descriptions taken from AmiTarot, and used with permission from Laura Vance.
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